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Strategy for Investing in Memphis real estate: Swap till you Drop!

I have to admit, it was a new term to me when I first heard it!

And when it was expalined to me, I thought it was a little morbid.  But in the end, it makes perfect sense and involves using a completely legal form of investing that has been around since the 1920’s.

Most of us have heard of using 1031 exchanges for selling and purchasing real estate investment property.  Well, Memphis Invest is going to interview one of the absolute experts in using 1031 Exchanges for investing in Memphis real estate.  We have looked long and hard for the right company to host a webinar with and we were lucky enough to meet William Exeter, CEO of Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC headquartered out of San Diego, CA.

Bill spent some time with Memphis Invest discussing the investment techniques that he has studied and improved upon over the last 20 years.  In explaining how a 1031 is used in the purchase of Memphis investment property, Bill also helped clear up questions about timing, set-up, legalities and what the future may hold for this wealth preservation strategy.  Having purchased many Memphis investment properties myself, I was unclear of how a 1031 Exchange would work.

That was when Bill pulled out his nifty little phrase that has rattled in my head ever since.  The equity from a 1031 Exchange property becomes non-taxable at death.  If you are working with an experienced 1031 Exchange company, they can assist you with positioning your 1031 Exchange to fund your trust at death and you can continuously purchase investment property always investing the equity until at death all of that property passes untaxed to your heirs.

I may not have explained it as detailed or as eloquently as Bill, but when I heard it, I knew that I would be employing this strategy as soon as I start to sell my Memphis investment properties.  It has nothing to do with saving taxes and everything to do with preserving wealth!

Join us next Tuesday, September 1st at 8:00PM Central Time if you are interested in hearing the full interview with Bill.  It’s Free and going to packed with Content – not Fluff!

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

See you then,


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Investing in Memphis Real Estate? Are you being fearful or greedy?

The question is simple.

Are you acting fearful or greedy?

Are you taking the steps now to make the current real estate market work for YOU?

If there was ever a time to be assertive in your success plan for investing in Memphis real estate – that time is NOW.

And NOW is the time to reach you, the motivated investors directly, to help drive ambitions and reach our goals….

With so much uncertainty in the market, if you are not aggressively pursuing your own portfolio, then you are missing one of the greatest investment real estate cycles in history.  RIGHT NOW, while all the pundits are down playing the economy and housing in particular, the BEST time to purchase Memphis investments is right under our noses.

One of the great financial giants of our time once described his companies investment philosophy like this:

“We simply try to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

I think right now the blood is in the water and there is nothing wrong with a little greed when it comes to purchasing the best properties at the best prices with the best companies for your portfolio.  Here is how MemphisInvest is working to help you position yourself.

Memphis Invest, LLC has taken the reins in the real estate investment market of Memphis, TN. and continues to to strive to provide quality for all it’s clients.  We love helping arrange the services that all investors  are in need of when looking to invest in the Memphis, TN. real estate market.  By focusing on quality, customer service, follow-thru and true value for clients, Memphis Invest has been able to build a strong and loyal client base that continues to fuel our growth with outstanding referrals.

And let’s be real here, investing in real estate is not novel.  But so many who have become ingrained in the doctrine of “How To” in the real estate world have forgotten that loyal clients and enthusiastic referrals are the very characteristics of all thriving real estate companies.  Memphis Invest has simply taken those characteristics and made it our ABSOLUTE mission to build upon them as our bedrock for success.  Nothing fancy, again, nothing novel, just commitment to excellence.  Today, we host investors from around the country looking to invest in undervalued properties in Memphis, TN.  Many of the properties are discounted foreclosures and are in need of some maintenance and rehabilitation.  Still, all of our investment properties are in fantastic neighborhoods, not war-zones and are in need of basic care to bring back to fantastic condition.  Investors from around the country recognize the great value in low pricing and are looking for value added services that only a turn-key service provider can offer and they are looking for TRUE cash-flow properties in which to invest.  Memphis Invest offers all of this and more.

Visit our site today at to learn how we work with real estate investors, brokerage houses and individual agents from around the country and especially in Memphis, to team up on building great portfolios full of quality, cash flow properties for their clients to invest in Memphis.

If you plan on having a successful year in 2009, then it’s time to let a little greed in and buy as much as you can!


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Memphis is an Invesment Real Estate BUYER’s market…are you buying?

I ran across this posting a while back and thought it was a fantastic posting.  It sums up exactly what has been trying to show to it’s clients and potential clients.  Investors contact us because they are ready to invest in Memphis Real estate.  They want to buy discounted properties in Memphis, but are finding more and mroe creative stumbling blocks to keep them from getting started.

As has always been out motto, the Clothier Family simply pushes forward and will not allow anything to slow us down.  As owners of, we try to instill that same mentallity into our clients.  This Agent in North Carolina does a superb job of summing up what all investors should be hearing right now.  In order for it to be a buyer’s market, you have to get in the game and BUY!

Great post –

Via SarahGray Lamm ~REALTOR Broker~ 60K Hours of NC Real Estate Experience~ (Allen Tate Realtors Chapel Hill, NC):

My little sister called me the other day and in an excited voice declared, “I think I might need to look at houses…It’s a GREAT time to buy a house right now, you know!”Little Sis

After the pregnant pause ensued (the one where my condescending big sister brain struggled with my professional Realtor brain) I finally said, “No? Really? What makes you think that?” (You can tell which brain won out.)

“Well. I have a friend who just got a fantastic deal on a house and I think it might be time for me to think about looking!”

Ok, so which part of what I have been saying for months now did she miss? Apparently, the same part that ALOT of buyers are missing…that would be the part that sounds just like Charlie Brown’s teacher talking whenever somebody you aren’t listening to tells you something: Wah, wah, wah, wah…

It’s been on TV; it’s been on the radio; it’s been in print and on the web…where hasn’t it been if you’re a professional Realtor and tuned in to everything real estate ever since they first uttered the words U.S. HOUSING CRISIS!

But here’s the thing… if you are just another economic-shell shocked human being wondering what happened while you were busy enjoying the last twenty years of your life, it may well BE the first time you are realizing it! After all, we all know sellers who still don’t seem to understand that a buyer’s market means that they, too, will not be seeing the profit from the sale of their home that their neighbors saw last year. What in the world makes us think those same folks are out there telling their friends and relatives that they just heard it’s a great time to buy a house!

Its human nature to think that, as long as your world doesn’t seem to be terribly different, then all those problems THE MEDIA is describing must be happening to other people! After all, if you hadn’t really saved that much for retirement, you might not notice that 401Ks everywhere have become 201Ks. If you’re just getting started thinking about long term career goals, job loss statistics are probably lost on you. And if your friends and family don’t have to sell their houses any time soon, you may not have heard that the prices sellers are getting for their homes are easily 10 to 20 to (gulp) 50% less (depending on where you are) than last year’s sellers got for their homes. Just as this past presidential election cycle was the longest in recorded history, so too, it seems to many of us, is the recovery from the housing crisis. But if you don’t vote…or don’t want to buy a house…who cares? It’s only a Buyer’s market if you actually BUY!

Let’s face it, those of us in the business are fully aware that we are in the army now…if we, as professional Realtors, can get some of this housing inventory sold, we will have begun to win the battle that will lead to winning the war! And if we can win the war to get the housing market back on track, we will win the war to get the whole U.S. economy back on track! We are the key! (How’s that for a pep talk?!)

So what do Realtors have to do to get buyers to see that this is serious business? The government is anteing up $8000 in tax credit to get some of you moving. In fact FHA is getting ready to let you use that $8000 as part of your down payment…without having to wait until after closing! Combine that with unbelievable, never before seen, never again to be seen in this lifetime, interest rates (which, by the way, are just as fantastic for those of you who don’t qualify for the tax credit) and you guys should be fighting to get on my schedule to look at homes! I mean full on, no holds barred, hair pulling,fighting!

Oh, I know you’ve called me and we’re trying to get together…but, what with your vacation and all…how ‘bout next month? I even know a lot of you are working with other agents because you’re looking at my listings and you’re even having your agents call me to see if anybody else is looking at the house you like. But what’s up with having your agent write up a preliminary offer, spend days verbally sparring with me and my seller before reaching a tentative agreement, and then I don’t see another thing in writing from you for two weeks?

Spectator SportBuying a home is not a spectator sport! It is a major and serious step toward achieving the American Dream. You’ve heard of that haven’t you? That’s when you get a pretty little piece of dirt with a cozy little roof over your head to come home to after a hard day at work! A place to call your very own and nobody (well except f or the HOA, and, of course, your Realtor when it’s time to sell) can tell you what to do there! It’s a place where you can paint the walls any color you want, invite friends over whenever you feel like it or get a puppy!

So, little brothers and sisters, I’m here for you! I promise to show you opportunities you won’t believe are available! I promise to walk you through the process every step of the way and answer ALL your questions and teach you really COOL stuff about home ownership! I’m telling you there is a SALE, a REALLY BIG SALE on real estate right now and you shouldn’t miss it!

I mean seriously, when it’s all said and done, when did your big sister ever really steer you wrong? Don’t answer that….

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Attention Real Estate Investors! Read this book…..

As a Memphis real estate investor, I try to devour as many books, magazines, articles and blogs on real estate as possible without getting over-whelmed.  Every once in a while I will find myself going back to the bookshelf and pulling down a real estate investment book and re-discovering something that lit a fire under me in the past.  This weekend, I found Frank McKinney’s book “Make It Big!”.

My older brother, Kent Jr., the owner of 1-800-SELL-NOW, told me about the book back in 2005.  I was buying investment real estate properties in Memphis and building a pretty good portfolio, but I also had BIGGER dreams for myself.  He encouraged me to read the book, follow the steps and make sure that I was following my vision.

I quickly learned from Frank’s book that some of my very own habits were part of the road blocks keeping me from really excelling.  I was so glad I pulled the book out this weekend, because I found that I had developed brand new habits to replace my old ones (and not all my new ones were good)!

This is a great book for real estate investors looking to break in to the long term rental market in Memphis or even experienced investors looking to re-light the fire!  I even put a link in here for you to buy it and have it delivered asap.  Don’t wait – if you are looking to grow as an investor and build your dream of owning a fantastic cash flow portfolio of Memphis investment properties, this is a great book to add to your library!

Make It BIG!: 49 Secrets for Building a Life of Extreme Success

To all your success,


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The wait for SIMS is finally over…..

OK, I’m going to make this quick – for a very good
reason… this is very time-sensitive and you
don’t have much time.

This is the deal: Greg Clement and Jeff Walker just
released their SIMS course – and this is something
I think you really need to check out today.

A few weeks ago I thought this was going to be a
home-study course. But they keep adding cool stuff
to the offer almost every day…

– They started with a killer six-module home-study
program that teaches everything you need to know
about using Internet Marketing for your real estate

– Then they added an eight-week interactive
Coaching Program.

– Next came the “done-for-you” software

– Now they’ve even added a three-day live
workshop… which is amazing since Jeff Walker’s
last workshop was priced at $25,000.00 and
completely sold out.

It’s gotten to the point that I’m just shocked at
everything they’re including. This is the biggest
can’t-miss, no-brainer opportunity I’ve seen.

But one things really clear – this offer won’t
last long. In fact, the seats to the live workshop
are super-limited and will almost surely be gone
within hours.

And they’ll be pulling the entire SIMS system off
the market within a a few days – they need to pull
it down in order to get the Coaching Program

best regards,

P.S. On second thought, don’t plan on being there,
ready to order, at 12:00 noon. Get there a few
minutes early and start hitting “refresh”.

Because their server’s going to get slammed hard,
and you want to slide your order through quick in
case the server crashes.

Believe me–these coaching slots will get snatched
up in minutes (if not seconds). And you don’t want
to be left out in the cold, watching everyone else
make piles of money while you’re still struggling
to build your business…

Do you?

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