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This Memphis Investment property in Fox Meadows subdivision is a winner!

It is amazing how many opportunities there are for Memphis real estate investors looking for high-quality, discount priced properties for investment in Memphis.  Our company has assisted investors from 19 different states and 2 countries with building very profitable portfolios of investment properties in Memphis.

The key for investors, especially those with full time jobs or who are located out-of-state, is that the properties all are purchased well below CURRENT value and each should produce a positive cash flow after accounting for PITI, property management and vacancy/maintenance.

This is a classic example of a single-family investment property in Memphis:

2999 Dothan, Memphis, TN 38118–Memphis Investment Property
Main Photo

Location: Fox Meadows

This is a lovely home in the historic Fox Meadows area of Memphis. This brick three bedroom, two bath home is located on a great street, just down the street from the local school. Most of the homes on this street are very well maintained, allowing for a nice environment for a family looking to have a nice home. With large bedrooms, hardwood floors, a nice fenced-in backyard, a garage, and a separate dining room, this home would be a great property for an investor looking for a long-term hold with cash flow and potential appreciation.

Repairs to include interior paint, refinishing existing hardwood floors, kitchen remodeling, servicing of all systems, landscape work, and replace rotten wood on exterior.

Due to perpetually changing market conditions, estimated values can vary due to external factors such as lender requirements, appraiser used, and length of time to refinance after purchase. Estimated values indicated are from time of posting.

Contact Information
Price: $49,900
Estimated Rent: $795-$895
Estimated Cash Flow: $200-$300
Annual Taxes: $1,495.45
Zillow: $90,000
Previous Sale: $84,000
Tax Assessed: $82,900
Cash on Cash Return: 10.41%
Rehab: $11,000
Estimated ARV: $80,000
Property Location
2999 Dothan
Memphis, TN 38118
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Hundreds of jobs coming to Memphis is solid news to real estate investors

Two Tennessee companies announce that they could be adding as many as 250 jobs to the Memphis area with  an average salary of $42,500 plus benefits if all goes as planned.

For real estate investors who buy properties in Memphis for investment, this is fantastic news that only adds to Memphis’ already attractive investment picture.

See News Story Here

Memphis continues to have a strond work force and is positioned for solid growth in jobs and pay as the economy continues to turn around.  The great thing about the jobs being created is that they are in sustainable industries where workers are being taught skills that make our workforce attractive to other companies thinking about relocating to Memphis.

These are all positive factors for Memphis and should mean our rental numbers continue to stay strong.  With over 50% of the population renting their housing, more jobs and better pay should translate into stronger rental rates and lower late pay rates and vacancies.  It’s a little early to say exactly how this will effect Memphis real estate investors or their Memphis investment properties, but all good news on the job market is good news for investors looking to invest in Memphis real estate.

We’ll keep you posted on more news from the job front in Memphis!


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Investment property in Memphis – Rehab Video Power Point

Chris Clothier and Ryan Flannery discuss the basics that Memphis accounts for with every Memphis Investment property that an investor buys from

Check out the video –

Even though these are only basic areas of a rehab., they are the important areas and can make a huge difference when it comes to an investment property in Memphis getting occupied quickly.  A vacant property is not producing a monthly cash flow.

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The BIG ONE is back! Investing in Memphis real estate buying tour!

Join us October 15 & 16 for FREE two day bus tour and investment property buying event!

Kent Clothier and Than Merrill really kick off the advertising for our big event in this video.

We will be hosting over 100 investors for two days as they learn about investing in Memphis real estate, the turn-key services and opportunity from and how easy it is today to earn a great passive monthly cash flow.  There will be over 50 properties available for purchase at the event.

You can register here:  Ultimate Cash Flow Buying Tour

Location:  Hilton Hotel, East Memphis
Dates:  October 15 & 16
Times:  8:30AM – 5:00 PM
Bus tour, local team members (CPA, Attorney, Insurance, Rehab, Property Management), investors panel, property purchase opportunities & NETWORKING with other investors!

You can register online or contact Carol at 1-901-751-7191 to reserve your seats.

Who should attend:

Than Merrill: How to Invest in Memphis real estate

Than Merrill was in Memphis back in early September to meet with on some future projects and also to speak to the Mid-South Real Estate Investors Association.

Kent Clothier, 1800SELLNOW and, have been slowly building toward bigger projects with Than and his company, Fortune Builders, and are excited to be promoting our next “Ultimate Cash Flow Buying Tour” for October 15 & 16.  As Than points out in his video, investing in Memphis real estate has never been easier for Memphis investors.  With a company like, all of the hassles and headaches are handled and passive real estate investing takes on a whole new meaning.

Investors who are looking for Memphis cash flow properties have an experienced partner in and the opportunity to invest in Memphis real estate is wide open.  Whether you are looking to buy discounted properties, looking to buy Memphis wholesale properties or even looking for a complete turn-key Memphis property, has the ability, knowledge, experience and top notch customer service in place to assist you.

We want to say thanks to Than for spending a couple of days with us here and we look forward to seeing you again in October and at your future events as well!


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KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!

I am continually amazed at the lack of understanding some businesses and business owners show when it comes to this one simple rule.  It seems that today, many in business confuse complication with innovation!

I recently reviewed the financial analysis, or “cash flow analyzer” as some call it, that other companies use to showcase their properties and the financial advantages of the properties.  I give most everyone the benefit of the doubt here and believe that the best interest of the individual investor is always the end game.  But when you look at the complexity of some of these “analyzers”, it raises the question of whose best interest is really being looked after.  It’s easy to try and confuse buyers with quick talk, lots of numbers and calculations and ultimately a positive conclusion that the property is a great buy.

I will confess that in the past, even Memphis Cash Flow Properties has mucked up the process of analyzing a property by trying to make it easier and only creating a bigger more confusing mouse trap!.   We had to realize that the simple basics to investing hadn’t changed, just the delivery of the information to the investors.  In the end, a Memphis real estate investor only needs to focus on a few key elements of the deal to determine if it fits their criteria.

For the purposes here, we are going to assume that an investor has already determined that a property is located in and area they want to invest and that is has the proper number of bedrooms & baths and other amenities.  Once that is determined:

1.  What is your immediate exit strategy?

If you are dealing with this should already have been determined.  We strongly believe in the long-term benefits of Memphis investment property ownership.  A majority of our clients are purchasing for monthly cash flow and long-term appreciation while a renter reduces your principle.

2.  Determining Cash Flow

If you are purchasing your property for all cash and holding for a return on investment, then #2 is for you.  This tip refers only to those who are putting a long-term mortgage on their property and having a renter make the monthly payment.  Monthly cash flow in its simplest form is the amount of rent received minus the monthly note.  As an investor you need to take into consideration certain costs that you will most likely incur.  Property management fees, taxes, mortgage interest, rainy-day funds, etc…  As a client of, you receive a cash flow breakdown which calculates cash flow after PITI and property management.  As a client, we then advise you as to what that monthly cash flow really means and how much to put away for future needs such as vacancy and maintenance.  (Being actual investors in Memphis really helps here because we can tell you exactly what we do and how we operate our own properties).

3.  Cash on Cash ROI

Again we try to keep this calculation very simple.  You divide net rental income (rents minus taxes, insurance and set% for vacancy & maintenance) by total investment (purchase price, rehab costs, closing costs).  Most savvy investors understand this NET Cash on Cash Return On Investment and recognize that a property with a double digit return after expenses is much better than the 2% return from the local bank CD.

Every investor is different and every investor has different criteria for location, size & amenities that they want their properties to include.  As long as the property meets those criteria and you are happy with its location, don’t allow a lot of calculations and fancy looking spreadsheets to confuse or impress you.  Stick with the basics and keep it simple.  Calculate your cash flow or return on investment and purchas properties that give you the return you are looking for!

But hey – what do I know!


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