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Happy Holloween to all Memphis real estate Investors!

Happy Halloween!

The whole staff at Memphis Invest would like to wish all our Memphis real estate investors a Happy Halloween!  We hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend.

Watch the movie below and then bounce back over here to see if you can name all the “cast members” of our little movie.  I would love your comments and guesses at the bottom of our blog!

The Memphis Invest Real Estate Experts!

The best part….

No one knew I was doing it.  I may be kicked out of the family by the time it goes out, but hey….it was all in the name of a little fun!

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Half Price is darn good on this South East Memphis Investment Property!

Southeast Memphis continues to be a hot area to invest in Memphis real estate.  This 3/2.5 property is no exception!  With a double digit return for cash buyers and over $250 monthly cash flow after long-term financing, this property is an absolute winner at .54 cents on the dollar!

5593 Newberry, Memphis, TN 38115–Memphis Investment Property

Main Photo

Southeast Memphis investment properties are known for being fantastic income producers when Memphis real estate investors purchase correctly.  At ..54 cents on the dollar, an investor would definitely be in at the right price!  The unique layout of this three bedroom brick house located on a beautiful street in the Fox Meadows area of Memphis, will attract tenants quickly and possibly a Lease Purchase contract. This property has nice hardwood floors, a two car carport, an extra half bath, separate den, and large bedrooms. Compared to other investment properties in Memphis, the half bath and unique layout will help this property stay occupied.  As an investor, the $40,000 in wquity coupled with the uniqueness of the property, make this a very solid investment.

Repairs include: refinishing of hardwood floors, interior paint, servicing of HVAC, plumbing repairs, yard work, and house cleaning.

Due to perpetually changing market conditions, estimated values can vary due to external factors such as lender requirements, appraiser used, and length of time to refinance after purchase. Estimated values indicated are from time of posting.

Contact Information
Price: $64,900.00
Estimated Rent: $950-$1,050
Annual Taxes: $2,287.38
Zillow: $127,000
Previous Sale: $135,000
Tax Assessed: $126,800
Rehab: $16,000
Estimated ARV: $120,000
Property Location
5593 Newberry
Memphis, TN 38115
View Map
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2.5
Parking Spaces: 2 Car Carport
Year Built: 1981
Lot Size: .31
Square Footage: 2331
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VIDEO: Investing in Memphis real estate at a Bus Tour

It’s been a heck of a week around the offices of  We’re coming off a wildly successful bus tour where we hosted hosted 76 investors over two days.  Over 50 of those investors traveled here to spend two days with Memphis Invest .com learning about Memphis Investment real estate and how our ‘done 4 u’ style of turn-key investing is the best way to buy Memphis investment properties.

We are very fortunate to do business with some great people from around the country.  Some even traveled from as far away as Hawaii!  We hosted investors from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois, Mississippi, Florida, Washington, Maryland, California, Texas, Colorado, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and New York.

It was so much fun we have decided to host another buying tour on December 9th and 10th!  Stay tuned over the next week as we will be making a couple of BIG announcements for that bus tour…..

In the meantime, we thought we would share with you a quick little run down of our two days on video!

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Memphis Investment Property bus tour is a great success!

Real Estate investors from around the nation celebrate buying Memphis properties!

This past week, hosted over 60 real estate investors from around the country for two days of learning about truly passive real estate investing in Memphis, the “Done 4 U” model that Memphis Invest offers it’s investor clients and the great city of Memphis itself.

With speakers and coaches traveling in from around the country and clients traveling from as far away as Hawaii, everyone was treated to two days of great seminars, inspirational talks and one fantastic day of traveling the city by bus to view Memphis investment properties.

A few even stayed in Memphis as extra day to visit Graceland!

J.D. Esajian from A&E’s “Flip this House” helped focus the gathered real estate investors by giving insight into his companies ideas and criteria when investing in properties for long-term hold. By advising the real

estate investors to focus on the basics of sound investing and doing business with a quality company, he was driving home a major theme of Memphis Invest .com. “It’s important that investors know how to determine the basics, the numbers that go into a good deal before they purchase an investment property” stated Kent Clothier. “Often times, especially for out-of-area investors, they have to rely on someone else to give them accurate, detailed information and over the last two days we’ve been able to show these investors who we are as people, as a company and what our vision for the future of Memphis real estate investing is. That goes a long way in earning trust and building credibility that the numbers we present are accurate and investing in Memphis properties with us, is a sound investment strategy”.

After two days of reviewing properties and learning about how to invest in Memphis real estate, everyone returned home – some with new investment properties, some without, but everyone returned with a little more knowledge and excited for the future of Memphis real estate investing!

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Nice property in Southeast Memphis attracts Memphis real estate investors!

If you are looking to invest in Memphis real estate….. this is a good place to start!!

7089 Apple Creek, Memphis, TN 38125
Memphis Investment Property

Main Photo

Location: Southeast Memphis

Southeast Memphis is fast gaining a reputation for having great properties in nice neighborhoods that Memphis real estate investors are falling in love with. With 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a two car garage, a fenced in backyard, back deck, vaulted ceilings, and central heat & air, this property is a great example of why these types of Memphis investment properties are cash flowing so well for investors.  And these are just a few of the features that make this home such a great deal!

The property last sold for $138,000 and we are selling it for only $79,900 or LESS THAN 60% OF WHAT IT LAST SOLD FOR! Talk about a discount! Located in the 38125 area of Memphis, this house would have great lease option potential and should rent for $1,095-$1,250 allowing for an investor to have RIDICULOUS cash flow!

Repairs to this property will include new interior and exterior paint, rotten wood repair, new floor coverings, servicing HVAC, landscaping, and house cleaning.

Due to perpetually changing market conditions, estimated values can vary due to external factors such as lender requirements, appraiser used, and length of time to refinance after purchase. Estimated values indicated are from time of posting.

Contact Information
Price: $83,900.00
Estimated Rent: $1,095-$1,250
Annual Taxes: $2,523.69
Zillow: $152,000
Previous Sale: $138,000
Tax Assessed: $139,900
Rehab: $15,000
Estimated ARV: $124,000

Property Location
7089 Apple Creek
Memphis, TN 38125
View Map
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Invest in Memphis real estate with people not products

If you’ve ever listened to one of my webinars introducing Memphis Invest, you’ve me heard me say time and time again that this is absoutely a people business and has very little to do with the product.  That’s speaking strictly from the providers point of view of course.  But what about from the investor’s point of view.

Purchasing investment real estate in Memphis has always been about the value you get with the product.  Is the property located in the right neighborhood, is it priced at a truly valuable price point, are the numbers provided for you in line with reality?

These are all questions you have to ask yourself when decide to invest in bxp34398real estate whether it’s located in Memphis or any other city for that matter.  But, don’t forget the most important question you can ask.  Who am I dealing with?

It’s unfortunate that not every company in our particular industry is run by the highest level of professional and that might be putting it mildly.  Be sure that you ask the right questions and do your homework before proceeding with purchasing an investment property.

Here is a quick sampling of what I would ask:

1.  How many investment properties do you personally own?
2.  How many investment properties has your company purchased/sold this year?
3.  Can I speak directly to your referrals & testimonials?
4.  Who will I contact if there are problems with the purchase, rehab or management?
5.  How do you determine your stated property statistics & numbers?jldk_060806_054
6.  What happens if your numbers are wrong?
7.  How many years have you been in this business?
8.  Do you have any business referrals we can contact today?

Eight simple questions that can help you to make sure you are dealing with the highest caliber person or company possible.  If  the company you are dealing with cannot answer any of these questions honestly and quickly, then you do not need to walk away.  You NEED to RUN!

You see, the houses are almost all the same.  If you are following the right criteria and following your formula for success (see previous blogs!), then you know that the property you are interested in is going to be a winner.  Now make sure the company you are dealing with is a winner as well!

There are a lot of great investment property companies here in Memphis run by very good people.  It is not for me to decide or even tell you as a rental property investor who is good and who is bad.  What I can tell you, is that by asking the right questions and really paying attention to the answers you get, you can quickly get though all of the marketing hoopla and get down to real professionals.  When you decide to invest in Memphis real estate or even that you are going to become a real estate investor in general, make sure that you do your homework, ask the right questions and be diligent.

After all, it’s only your future…..

To all your success!


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