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MEMPHISINVEST.COM ANNOUNCES REAL ESTATE INVESTING SEMINAR AND BUYING TOUR is pleased to announce that Than Merrill and JD Esajian, stars of A&E’s Flip This House, and FortuneBuilders have teamed up with to host the Ultimate Cash Flow Buying Tour, a two day buying conference and tour to be held in Memphis on September 24-25, 2010.
Day one of The Ultimate Cash Flow Buying Tour will be held at the Holiday Inn Downtown where guests will have a chance to learn about investing in Memphis from the experts and an opportunity to network with the and FortuneBuilders teams. Other teams will also be available to meet one on one to discuss the buying and investing process including property locators, closing attorneys, insurance agents, rehab specialists and property managers. Day two will begin at the Holiday Inn Downtown, where guests will depart to tour available homes in the stages before, during and after the rehab process. An optional day three will be available for those guests who chose to stay over a second night for a hosted tour of Elvis’ home.
Memphis is the perfect city to invest for many reasons. Due to its low cost of living, affordable housing and surprisingly stable rental market, Memphis offers advantages that few cities in America can boast. A few other statistics: Memphis was 21% undervalue entering 2010. Over 48% of Memphis residents rent their housing. Memphis is home to four Fortune 500 company headquarters. If you are interested in earning positive cash flow each month and building wealth over time, Memphis is the place to invest.

For more information or to register for this great opportunity, go to

Advertisements Announces Cash FLow Pros Expo

Kent Clothier & Family are hosting a one time only 3-Day Bootcamp for Building an INCREDIBLE Real Estate Business…
Are you going to be one of the lucky few who ACTUALLY USES this opportunity to take action!!  Learn from the best and get on the right track to success.  This is an amazing opportunity…  Kent Clothier is the founder of Mid-South REIA, and many of you have had the opportunity to hear him speak. Now he and his sons are going to share ALL of their expertise to help your build your business.

With the over-whelming demand we have opened up an  additional room and doubled the size fot the weekend!  Seats are only $97 per seat for the FULL 3-Days (ALL study and  note materials are included)!

Here are the details:

Embassy Suites Hotel – Shady Grove, Memphis, TN
Initial Check-In will begin 30 minutes prior to start each day!

August 27th  8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
– Starting Your Real Estate Business
– Secrets to Purchasing Real Estate at a Discount
– Raising Capital Funding for Your Deals

August 28th  8:00 Am – 6:00 PM
– How to Market Your Real Estate Business
– Secrets to Building a Buyers List and Selling
– How to Properly Manage your Rehab Properties
– How to Sell 20 Houses in a Day

August 29th  9:00 Am  – 4:00 PM
– How to Set up and Operate a Property Management Company
– The Top 2 Secrets to Exploding Your Real Estate Business

* All Materials will be provided
** There are no houses for sale!
*** Content only & the Event WILL BE Filmed!

Registration at Announces Success From Memphis Investment Buying Tour with Fortune Builders is pleased to announce that Than Merrill, JD Esajian, Paul Esajian and Konrad Sopielnikow, stars of A&E’s Flip This House and founders of Fortune Builders, teamed up with Memphis Invest to host the Ultimate Cash Flow Buying Tour, a two day buying conference and tour in Memphis on July 9 – 10, 2010. The seminar brought 70 investors to Memphis from 18 states plus Canada and yielded a total of twenty nine Memphis investment properties sold.

Day one of The Ultimate Cash Flow Buying Tour was held at the East Memphis Hilton where guests had a chance to learn about investing in Memphis from the experts and an opportunity to network with the and Fortune Builder teams. Other teams were available to meet one on one to discuss the buying and investing process including property locators, closing attorneys, insurance agents, rehab specialists and investment property managers.  Day two began at the East Memphis Hilton, where guests departed to tour available homes in the stages before, during and after the rehab process.  Day three included a hosted tour of Elvis’ home, Graceland.

Over all, the investors who attended left with a very clear picture of investing in Memphis real estate and how a company like can make the investment process easy, affordable and stress-free.  With their unsurpassed level of commitment to quality and service, Memphis Invest showcased the advantages of using a tun-key company to develop a truly passive and positive cash flow portfolio of investment properties.  When you add in the educational opportunities of a partnership with the top real estate educational team in the industry, Fortune Builders, the two day seminar and bus tour weekends are opportunities not to be missed!

The next buying tour will be September 24 – 25, 2010. For more information, visit

In investment real estate, you either talk customer service or you deliver!

I had to laugh this past week at some posts I read online and an email that I received where the posters and sender were talking about the importance of customer service.  It reminded me of the fable where the boy continuously cries wolf when there is no danger and one day, no one believes him when he is really in danger.  Companies today love – and I mean LOVE – to talk about the latest buzz words.  When it comes to investment real estate in Memphis, TN., is often the company setting those new buzz words.  It is times like these that we like to sit back and watch who follows and what spins they try to put on for the public.

In late 2009, made a decisive effort to develop and deliver outstanding customer service.  Two new employees were hired and trained specifically to work with our clients in the area of customer service.  A formal plan was put into place and is followed to the letter today to ensure that our clients have access to the answers they  need from each department in our companies.  From purchasing property to the property management of those investments, is committed to providing the best possible experience and fantastic service or our clients.

I recorded a video with Angie and Ashley of our customer service department and asked them to explain much of what they do each day to reach out to our clients.  I think you’ll like it….

Memphis Invest broadcasting live on UStream.TV

Let us know what you think of the video.  So going back to the children’s fable, companies will one day realize that simply saying you do something and creating a moniker about customer service will never be enough.  One day, clients will want you to actually deliver on what you say and great service requires a lot more than being a chauffeur and tour guide!

We love the feedback and we’ll talk to you soon!

Memphis real estate investors, Kent Clothier is hosting a free Webinar for business owners

Learn from the Pros! Kent Clothier on Building your business and achieving your best!

Sunday March 7th
8:00 PM CST
Live & Content Only!!

Kent Clothier has been in the business of “succeeding” for over 40 years and is showing
no signs of stopping anytime soon.  Now you have a chance to hear from Kent Clothier in
a one hour, Content Only Webinar, from an intimate setting where he will discuss:

– Stretching your business muscle
– Succeeding when others fail
– Developing a winning attitude
– Developing an “All-In” attitude

Kent has been an entrepreneur for the past 30 years and has been instrumental in developing
one of the most successful family owned real estate investing firms in the country.  Kent and
his sons operate which assists hundreds of real estate investors each
year with developing highly profitable portfolios of discount real estate investment properties
in Memphis, TN.

They also operate a large property management company in Memphis, TN. named Premier
Property Management.  Today, they manage over 500 properties for real estate investors
and offer a complete turn-key package for passive investors.

Join Kent on Sunday evening as he spends an hour discussing his past, his present and what
he sees for the future!  There will be great insights and inspirational keys on this call for anyone
who wants to succeed in business and investing.

See you on the call!

Sunday March 7th
8:00 PM CST
Live & Content Only!!

Happy Holloween to all Memphis real estate Investors!

Happy Halloween!

The whole staff at Memphis Invest would like to wish all our Memphis real estate investors a Happy Halloween!  We hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend.

Watch the movie below and then bounce back over here to see if you can name all the “cast members” of our little movie.  I would love your comments and guesses at the bottom of our blog!

The Memphis Invest Real Estate Experts!

The best part….

No one knew I was doing it.  I may be kicked out of the family by the time it goes out, but hey….it was all in the name of a little fun!

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VIDEO: Investing in Memphis real estate at a Bus Tour

It’s been a heck of a week around the offices of  We’re coming off a wildly successful bus tour where we hosted hosted 76 investors over two days.  Over 50 of those investors traveled here to spend two days with Memphis Invest .com learning about Memphis Investment real estate and how our ‘done 4 u’ style of turn-key investing is the best way to buy Memphis investment properties.

We are very fortunate to do business with some great people from around the country.  Some even traveled from as far away as Hawaii!  We hosted investors from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois, Mississippi, Florida, Washington, Maryland, California, Texas, Colorado, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and New York.

It was so much fun we have decided to host another buying tour on December 9th and 10th!  Stay tuned over the next week as we will be making a couple of BIG announcements for that bus tour…..

In the meantime, we thought we would share with you a quick little run down of our two days on video!

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